Upcoming SEI Training & Events

Find Somatic Experiencing programming on this calendar portal. Access your area of interest using the buttons below.

How to register:

The SE Training Program (USA): The training program uses private events to ensure students have met the prerequisites before registering. To sign up for your current module, use the unique, personal link previously emailed to you. You can view event details through the calendar but must use your personal registration link to register.  Advanced training modules require confirmation before registering.  Complete the form here to register for Advanced Trainings in the USA.

The SE Training Program (International): The calendar provides links to the organizers facilitating programs outside the USA. Use the links in the calendar to contact and register with these International organizers. Please note that organizers are SEI partners who work independently from the SEI US office. Training costs and structures may differ by country. If you are a US student and would like to transfer to an international training, please contact the organizer for that country directly.

Webinars, Crisis Stabilization & Safety, and General Events are public and anyone can register directly via the training calendar.

You can watch the video “How to Register for the SE Professional Training Program” by clicking here.

Learn all about the principles of Somatic Experiencing!  These events are short programs that introduce you to SE, familiarize you with the modality and prepare you for the full SE Training Program.

This three year training program immerses you in the principles of Somatic Experiencing. Develop your expertise in SE and earn your SE Practitioner credential in a journey from beginning to intermediate and finally advanced training modules. Training is cohort oriented and the calendar offers direct access to each cohorts schedule.

Deciding which cohort to start your SE journey?  You can see and select your Beginning I training here on the student application.  [Alternatively have a web page that lists current BEG I modules]

The International program offers comprehensive SE training for those who cannot attend within the United States of America. International events are organized and coordinated by our partners outside of the United States of America. This calendar can be sorted by the country/state in which the training modules are offered.

Webinars are short, online educational sessions that dive into SE related topics. If you are new to the modality or a seasoned expert, these webinars offering continuing education and development on key issues of the day.

The CSS training program is designed to teach responders of all kinds to interrupt and prevent the symptoms of stress, shock, and trauma during a community-wide crisis, such as a disaster, mass casualty event, war, or pandemic.

SEI offers a variety of other educational opportunities including introductory seminars, conferences, workshops and videos. Find upcoming events on this calendar.