Our Philosophy

Passion for purpose.  Success is derived from a defined mission with passionate effort.  Our management and consulting services embody this principle to help you amplify and deliver your mission.  Hope is not a business strategy.  We’re the force that can galvanize your team, define strategies and tactics, and build success.


About Mission Driven

Mission Driven provides your company with the tools to clearly define your core purpose and effectively deliver on that promise.  We create a culture that inspires your team, stakeholders and customers to boost performance and foster engagement.  For over a decade, Mission Driven has collaborated with a variety of industries to meld for-profit strategies with non-profit principles, finding innovative solutions and delivering outstanding results.


Mission Driven offers leadership and consulting solutions for associations, foundations and start-up companies.  We create customized and sustainable systems, methodologies and frameworks your company can use to define purpose and excel in the marketplace. Don’t settle for best practices.  Mission Driven delivers leading practices to elevate leadership, passion for purpose and satisfaction at all levels.


Originally founded as Solution Images in 2003, Mission Driven has continued to evolve into a company focused on value-oriented management and consulting services.  Our background in entrepreneurship, association management, membership organizations and charities offers a wealth of experience developing sustainable businesses, engaged stakeholders and thriving communities.  Our expertise comes from guiding new, established, growing and struggling organizations to new levels of success.

About Our Founder

Tim Blum, CAE, MBA

Bringing a dynamic combination of association management and revenue generation, Tim Blum offers a combination of veteran and innovative business leadership to trade groups, professional societies, Foundations and charities. With special focus on marketing, events, membership, and technology, Tim has guided associations to sustainable success with the philosophy that non-profit is a tax status not a business model.


During his career, Tim’s executive leadership experience have included state, regional and international non-profits.  He has founded multiple companies such as Energy Voice Institute and Solution Images.  As a consultant, Tim has worked with a variety of industries including energy, retail sales, engineering, transportation, medicine, earth sciences, agriculture and technology.  Having partnered with both small and large Boards, Tim is able to synthesize strategic needs into tactical systems that deliver results.


Tim holds a Masters in Business Administration and is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) He is a past Board Director and current member of the Colorado Society of Association Executives (CSAE). A recipient of the CSAE’s Outstanding New Professional Award in 2002, Tim holds a certificate of Nonprofit Board Governance from BoardSource.