What We Do

We’re your trusted partner.  Mission Driven offers comprehensive management to a la carte project solutions covering all the critical areas of your nonprofit’s business.


        • We’re not another management company.  And we won’t offer generic consulting advice and leave you wondering how to make it happen. 
        • Our expertise leading trade association, professional societies, membership organizations and non-profits provides a foundation for reliable, effective, customer oriented, results driven service.
        • No matter where your non-profit is in its lifecycle, we’ve got your back.
        • Our wealth of experience developing non-profits is just what you need to take your organization to the next level.

Core principles that guide our results…


Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Mission Driven develops culture, operations and relationships that ensure your mission’s success. The value we provide comes from melding a passionate culture focused on your mission and world class operations that deliver solutions to you stakeholders.


Nonprofit is a tax status not a business model.

We believe sustainable revenues are critical, not optional, for furthering your mission and this philosophy will drive your organization to new heights.


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Systems for success.

Nonprofits succeed when they find workflows that can be repeated.  Doing so allows us to fine tune our operations for consistency and evaluated for improvement.  Even more important, is understanding how all these systems work together in the organization’s ecosystem so they effectively support – not compete – against one another. 


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Is your board operationalizing not strategizing?

Busy arranging the conference and taking registrations rather understanding trends and paths to the future?  Wondering how you can get it all done?  And what about the budget?  We collaborate closely with your volunteer leaders and staff to help your organization find ways to focus on the big picture and engage in details where it best fits your scope and resources.


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Areas Where We Specialize

Technology – Planning, infrastructure and coordination; from company wide assessments to specific projects like AMS evaluation and selections

Strategic Planning – Find your mission. Or find ways to enhance it.  We’re here to amplify and deliver it.

Executive Leadership – You’ve found a trusted advisor that gives honest and authentic insight to your leadership team and guides staff to deliver the mission.

Governance – Improve the culture, focus and productivity of volunteer driven leadership

Financial Management – Nonprofit is a tax status not a business model.  We’ll help guide your financial vision and support your bookkeeping.

Education and Networking Programs – Growing your events, better education programs, and innovative networking

Marketing and Communications – Content oriented publications, design and web sites; develop  and coordinate partnerships and sponsorships

Membership – Solutions to help you build value to create engaged, passionate communities

Operations – Transformative and effective systems that unify operations and improve quality

Credentialing and Certification – For kickstarting to optimization, we deliver your industry’s credentials and certificates